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Please note: This mug will only be available for sale for a short amount of time. The product will go into production on the 24th of October.

The second geotastic birthday event (geoversary) was a great success! I want to thank everyone who participated as a main streamer with this exclusive mug made of illustrations representing everyone who donated 25€ or more to the charity we raised money for. The mug will also be on sale for everyone who wants to own a memory of this event. There will only be one charge of mugs, so make sure to order it before it’s taken off the shelf again.

If you already have a pending order in the shop that has not yet been shipped, feel free to select the “local pick up” shipping method to save on shipping costs. I will upgrade your shipment tier free of charge to include the mug. If you plan on ordering something on a later date but still want to reserve a mug (or more), feel free to do the same as mentioned above, but let me know in the order message what your plan is.

The illustration have been provided by LisadiKaprio

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