With every order you'll get a geotastic supporter voucher worth 15% of ordered items
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Select one of the available supporter tiers and after purchase, you will receive a voucher code within the day. Becoming a supporter will grant you access to the map editor as well as bigger online lobbies and additional designs, badges and taglines to decorate your player card. To know what benefits are tied to which supporter level, feel free you check out the supporter page of geotastic: geotastic.net/help-out/donations

This is a great way to gift supporter levels to your friends and family or use them for your own account.

Note: You purchase equivalents of supporter levels from the perspective of a non-supporter. These vouchers are added to your total donations, resulting in a new supporter level if the threshold is reached. Example: Buying two Supporter Level 5 vouchers (2x 50EUR) and redeeming them in the same account will result in Supporter Level 6 since the total donation amount will be 100EUR.

Supporter Level

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