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Improve upon your favorite bag, jacket, hat or other textile of your choice by applying this geotastic patch upon it! They come with a nice contrast rich green/blue combination and feature a black border around the motive. They can easily be applied by ironing the patch directly on your textile or, if that’s not possible, by sewing it on. These patches were made with love in Berlin, Germany.

Please read the application instruction in the tab next to the product description or find a general patch application instruction in your preferred language online.

Dimensions 8 × 8 × 0,1 cm
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  • Set electric iron to "cotton" setting (120°C / 248F°)
  • Cover the textile and patch with a cloth
  • Iron the patch onto the textile by moving the iron around and applying pressure for 15 seconds
  • Turn the textile inside out and iron the spot where the patch was applied again

If you're dealing with sensitive textiles, it's advised to sew the patch on instead

It's also advised to additionally sew the patch on if you're dealing with textiles that are washed often to make sure that the glue will not give away after a few washing cycles.